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Updated Interface
Updated interface for the web version of Artwin Live and created a new Dashboard with more valuable information.

New Deal features
All-in Deal is a new way to set up deals for gigs. Before the sum of all fees (group members and costs) was the artist fee. With All-in deal, you may enter a single amount as the artist fee. You can also add additional costs that will be printed on the contract and invoice as a separate line.

You can send out RSVP messages to group members, so they let you know if they are available for a specific gig date.

Activity list
We've created a new overview, replacing Last Updates, to show what and who has added, changed or deleted gigs or appointments.

On the desktop there is a Notifications indicator and list, showing all recent changes by other users.

Numbers will be assigned to invoices when you send them out automatically. If you like you can still create an invoice number when you create a new invoice.

Email signature and send address
You can now create an HTML email signature that will be used for all emails send from Artwin Live. For paid accounts, it's also possible to send emails from your own email address instead of

More features
There is more, you might notice, but we'll let you know via our help center.


Cancelled gigs and appointments
Gigs and appointments can now be cancelled (and uncancelled). When you Delete a gig, it will be set to the Cancelled state. Cancelled gigs are not showed in the Planning list by default. You have to open the Filter panel and check the "Show cancelled" checkbox. You can revert a Cancelled gig by editing the gig and Check "Un-cancel gig". If you Delete a Cancelled gig, it will be deleted permanently.

Multiple Artist budgets
For each artist, you can now create multiple budgets and select another budget than the default one in gigs.

Special Artist type for Agencies (Agency subscription plan only)
Until now you could create artists with a schedule. This is not convenient for artists you only book every now and then. You probably do not even share these schedule with group members. In this version, we introduce a special Artist type for Agencies that can be linked to a Contact (an Agency). These artists will not appear in the Roster, but can only be accessed from the menu item "Artists".

More options for widgets
You can set more options for widgets like Calendar widgets.

Agreement return date
You can now use the field {{agreement_return_date}} in templates to print the return terms of the agreement. The fixed text was "return within 5 days". This is now the exact date set in the agreement terms in the gig.


iOS App download available
We've released our Apple iOS App for Artwin Live. You can log in with your current credentials or use Facebook, Google or your Apple Account. New features will be added over time in future releases. This is a list of features in the first beta release of the app. Android will follow in fall 2020.

List all future gigs in your account
The app lists all your future gigs. There are no filter options to show past gigs. This will, of course, be added in future releases.

Push Notifications
Enable push notification and receive a push notification when your agent or colleague adds, changes or deletes a gig or appointment.


Sign In with Apple
You can now Sign In and Sign Up with your Apple ID. You can also link your Apple Account, if you already have an Artwin Live account. 

Online Signing Contracts
We'll be enabling this feature soon for all 2019 Professional and Agency accounts. If you're using an older account, please upgrade your account.

Time shift in emailnotifications
Gigs between 12:00 AM (00:00) and 6:00 AM (06:00), or the time set in your Calendar settings, are now presented as a day earlier in your email notifications.


Preparations for Online Signing Contracts
Online signing is coming very soon to Artwin Live now. Preparations are completed.

Copy gigs
It is now possible to copy gigs.


Street address lines on invoices
Multi-line street addresses are now correctly printed on invoices.

Search on invoice debtor number and name
Search for invoices on debtor name or number has been fixed.

Preparation for signing agreements online
We've been working on a new feature. After the summer you will be able to let your clients sign contracts online for specific paid plans.


Attach itinerary to agreement mail
You can now choose to attach the itinerary (gig datasheet) with the agreement you send.

Map visible on the itinerary
The map is now visible on the itinerary/datasheet.

Cannot save promoter contact [bug]
The selected contact of a promoter was not saved when creating and updating gigs.

Cannot select custom ending time [bug]
On mobile, it was not possible to select a custom ending time.


Localized date input (German) [bug]
The German date input didn't work correctly. This is resolved.


Option until [feature]
Added a date field to set the Option until date. Professional and Agency accounts have access to a list of Active and Expired options.

Menu item "Agreements" is now "Bookings"
This page does also include an overview of active and expired options. Only Professional and Agency accounts have access to Bookings.

Debtor address [bug]
When using a different debtor address for a gig, it overwrites the promoter address.

Confirmed gigs are now Options
This only applies to English (US and UK) translations.


Split VAT artist and booking fee [feature]
Apply an alternative VAT percentage for the booking fee. New template fields available for agreements {{fee_artist_fee_tax_perc}} for tax percentage for artist fee and {{fee_booking_fee_tax_perc}} for booking fee.

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