Look up client address data

You can now look up the address, website and phone number from the Google Places database when adding a new client. This feature is available to paid accounts only.

Create a new Contact, Business in a gig or via Contact in the menu left. Enter a search string in the Name field, then click the looking glass symbol at the right. If you found the right address in the drop-down panel, just tap it and appropriate fields will be auto-filled.

Default Contract Terms

You can add predefined text per artist in the Artist Profile, Agreement Settings. If you leave the Contract terms field empty at gig creation, this text will be the default for every new gig.

To support this feature, Contract Terms cannot be added when you first create a gig. This field has been removed.

Deal Specific Contract Terms

You can now add a specific text line for every budget in the artist profile, that will be filled into the Deal Settings and can be printed on the contract. If you currently use custom contract templates, you have to add the template {{fee_deal_terms}} field yourself. Don't hesitate to contact us via the Chat button if you need help.

Go to the artist profile/settings and click the budget you want to assign a value to this field. Click Deal Settings and enter a value in the Deal Specific Contract Terms field. Please note that this will not apply to gigs you already created. Check the Deal Settings per gig also.

Booking request form for non-exclusive artists

This applies to Agency Plans only. You can now use the Booking request form for non-exclusive artists.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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