Invoicing via bookkeeping

You can now disable invoices as a standard option in your Account Settings, Financial and invoices. Gigs without invoices created are not counted against “Attention required”.

If you still want to use the invoicing feature of Artwin Live, please note that in the previous version we introduced automatically sending invoices to your bookkeeping. Add the email address of the bookkeeping software in Account Settings, Financial and invoices.

Gig details, itinerary and guestlist

You can now add additional info to your gigs, like contacts, event details, travel data, etc. Send the itinerary by email to the group members.

You can create a guestlist and send it to the promoter.

Artist Profile

We've updated the profile design.

You can post links on your public profile, your gigs will be shown on your profile and your contact information and a book now button.

Updated design and user experience

We've made some updates to the design. And now a gig will open on the same page in calendar or table mode.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

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