The following patches have been applied since the latest release. 
  • Completed gigs are will not be counted against "Attention required".
  • General improvements in "Attention required" feature.
  • Duplicate records in contacts are now hidden in Contacts and lookup fields.
  • Moved the "Preview contract" button to the Contract card.
  • Added "Gig Settings" to the Status tab.
  • Creating a Time table event with "Transfer" shows up as "Arrive" (solved).
  • It is not required to enter a message to complete a task anymore.
  • You can now choose to exclude group members and costs when selecting a predefined budget for a gig.
  • Extra costs can now be added to the calculation of the Booking fee.
  • Issues fixed with Drafts and Overdue Invoices list.
  • The Contract return will not exceed the gig date if sent prior to the gig date (in case of short-term bookings).
  • "Preview contract" now shows the right send and return date.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

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