Payment link on invoices

Provide a link on invoices to get the invoice paid via Bank or Credit Card. You can setup the payment methods (Credit Card, iDeal, Bancontact) in the settings of the payment provider.

Enter the Api key of the payment provider in the Account Settings: Finance and invoice settings. If you don't have a Api key you can create one there now.


Pin comment to top

You can now pin comments in a gig, made by you or a team member, to the top of the comments list. When there are many comments, but you have one with important files or a important message, you can pin this one to the top. Edit the comment and check "Pin to top".


Email template languages (beta)

We've added support for multiple languages for email templates. You can set the language of the client by editing the gig and then the client.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

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