April was a busy month for the Artwin Live team. Because it was the month that follows the March major update. Some features were well received, while others were not, of course. But we received a lot of feedback from you and we believe we fix a big deal of those bugs. Time for a roundup about the major changes in April.

Live Support now available

You might have noticed the balloon in the bottom right corner. This is where you ask us anything about Artwin Live. If you don't know how to set up an agreement template or you're having trouble inviting group members you want to share an artist schedule with, just tap or click the button and ask us!

Multi-day events

It's our task to store the gigs in the right order, but that's not an easy task in this business. This month we reserved most of the time to set some issues straight. And now it's possible to create a multi-day event, meaning you can set the end date/time as you like. This also means we have to make this visible in the different views we maintain. A multi-day event is indicated by a double chevron icon (>>) following the end date.


In March we introduced Customer Relationship Management, so you can manage your accounts and contacts and delete old entries. This has caused some problems that have been solved this month. One of those problems was while you sett the promoter, that address and e-mail address was not copied to the invoice. This has been solved by adding the switch "Debtor: Use the same as promoter" to the billing settings. We're now looking forward to adding more features to the account and contact views.

Updates per email and daily/weekly digests

We planned to release this feature in April, but we didn't make it. You should receive an update if a gig has been added, changed or deleted by a colleague. And get a daily or weekly digest with all changes and upcoming gigs. But there were too many things that came up during testing. We looking forward to releasing this feature in May and we hope you like it.

And some more...

Sticky month headers for supported browsers, so you don't get lost while scrolling down • Removed double entries from the recent updates list  Remember the value in the date field when switching between [create gig] and [create appointment]  Removed progress bar from planning, since it only applies to agreements  Added [last changed date/by] information in the Gig view

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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