In May we worked on new features coming in June and July. That doesn't mean nothing changed this month. Far from that! This is our monthly roundup...

Gig updates and daily/weekly summaries

Originally planned for April, this one is going out in the first week of June.  Would you like to receive an update if a gig has been added, changed or deleted by a colleague? And get a daily or weekly digest with all changes and upcoming gigs? You can already set your preferences in Account Settings.

Tentative gigs!?!

We are a Dutch company and we're used to calling them Options, but for some reason, we decided to translate it into Tentative following Calendar software conventions. This month we changed the naming from Tentative to Options.

Option expiration date

Trial, Professional and Agency users can now set the Option expiration date and keep track of expired or expiring Options in the Bookings Section. If you like to try out this function do not hesitate to contact us and receive 14 days renewed trial period.

Agent features

Agency users can now assign agents to gigs and keep track of which agent is assigned to a gig  Private comments added to a gig are visible to all agents (not to group members!)  The logo you uploaded in "Business identity and templates" is used as the account logo for all agents. 


Attach the itinerary to the email you sent with the agreement. • Send the itinerary to an email address  Moved the Itinerary button to Actions and Tasks  The map was not visible on the pdf version of the itinerary page, but it is now

And what more?

Well, some bug fixes... Nothing big. See you next month...

Monday, June 3, 2019

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