In the latest release of Artwin Live, gigs (and appointments) will be cancelled first when you delete it. A cancelled gig will not be visible in the Planning, but you can undo this action and permanently delete it.

Cancel, restore and deleting a gig

To cancel a gig, open the Edit window and click the Delete button. The first time you delete a gig, it will enter the cancelled state first. To restore the cancelled gig, open the Edit window, check the Un-cancel checkbox and then Save. If you want to permanently delete a gig, open the Edit window of a cancelled gig and click the Delete button again.

Show cancelled gigs in Planning

It is not possible to show cancelled gigs in the Week, Month and Year view. You can show cancelled gigs in Planning List and Table, by opening the Filter panel, enter a date range, check the "Show cancelled gigs" checkbox.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

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