Release notes September 15, 2022

Invoicing via bookkeeping You can now disable invoices as a standard option in your Account Settings, Financial and invoices. Gigs without invoices created are not counted against “Attention required”.If you still want to use the invoicing feature of Artwin Live, please note that in the previous version we introduced automatically sending ... Read More »

15th Sept 2022
Release notes June 7, 2022

Look up client address data You can now look up the address, website and phone number from the Google Places database when adding a new client. This feature is available to paid accounts only.Create a new Contact, Business in a gig or via Contact in the menu left. Enter a search string in the Name field, then click the looking glass symbol at the ... Read More »

7th Jun 2022
Send invoices to bookkeeping and option confirmations

Today we have 2 brand new features. If you don't have an account yet, sign up here for free. Let's jump right into this. Send invoices to bookkeeping (BCC) A new feature is ready for all accounts, including free accounts. Send every invoice that you send to your client, to the email address of your bookkeeper, bookkeeping software or ... Read More »

19th May 2022
Private gigs on your website

We've just released an update for you to show private gigs on your website or Facebook page. We only publish the date, time, and city (country flag) for private parties, not the exact address. And the name of such events is always "Private party". How to set this up? Login to your Artwin Live account and go to Widgets or click the direct link ... Read More »

16th May 2022