Deals and Budgets

In this article, we show you how to set up a deal and budget for your artist and how to edit them in a gig.
Click on the artist you want to set a deal type for and from there click on the cogwheel and then click on Default under the budget tab.

Budget types

There are 4 budget types to choose from.

  • No terms (cost only)
  • Commission (booking fee and costs add up to the total fee)
  • All-in deal (costs are included in the total fee)
  • Guarantee deal (costs are included in the total fee)


Set up a budget

Click on Deal settings,
Choose a name, Deal type, and write a Deal specific contract term if you need to.
Now fill in the VAT% for the artist fee, or/and VAT% booking fee, and choose to Merge the Artist fee and Booking fee by checking the box assigned to that.
Choose what the currency is.
Click on Save to finish.


Manage budget

Set the artist fee amount and check the box if you want to apply an additional tax.
You can add extra costs by clicking on the + Add cost button.




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