Artist Profiles and Booking request form

The Artist Profile is a public page with information about the artist on Artwin Live with a Booking Request Form. The public profile is a page with a picture, the schedule with public and confirmed gigs, link to a website and presskit file. A visitor of the page can also make a booking request here by clicking the button "Book Now". You can find the URL's of the form in the Settings of an artist, Website and Facebook page tab: Public profile and forms.

Setup your artist profile

You can setup your artist profile per artist in the settings of an artist, Artist Profile. Enter the general information to show on the profile page.


Profile picture

Click [+  Upload picture] to upload a picture. Press on the save button to update the picture. If you want to delete the picture, click the trash can icon.

Disabling this feature per artist

You can disable this feature per artist. Open the Settings of an artist, Artist Profile: Disable all public profile and forms.

Creating a Press kit

A press kit is a zip file with a number of files, like pictures, pdf's and other information, the client can download from the Artist Profile page. You can compile a Presskit per artist in the settings of an artist, Artist Profile: Press kit files.
Click Attach file to upload a file and attach it to the Press kit. Click the (x) button of an already attached file to delete the file from the Press kit.

Booking request form

You can find the URL's of the form in the Settings of an artist, Website and Facebook page tab: Public profile and forms.  You can use this page however you like, but one method is to send this link to the artist profile to a customer via mail or place a link on your website. You can find more information about embedding the form here

Handling request

You will receive an email that a new request is sent to you. You can view this request inside Artwin Live in Requests. Open the request and choose to Accept or Decline the request. When you accept the request a gig will be created based on the provided data in the form and you can send an email back to your client. When you decline the request, you can also send an email.

Setting the default accept/decline message

You can set the default text of the email that you can send upon Declining and Accepting requests in Account Settings, Manage : Email templates.
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