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Create a new website widget for your Wix website

Login to your Artwinlive.com account and click on "My Widgets" in the settings menu at top of the page. Click on the "Add Widget" button to add a new widget.
Enter a description of your new website widget and select "Website Widget" from the "Export Type" drop-down box. Select all schedules or individual schedules to show only the gigs listed in those schedules.
You can limit the visible gigs by a number of months. Enter a "0" to show all future events.
Caution: If you check the "Show all gigs" feature non-confirmed gigs will be shown too. Do not check this field if you only want to show confirmed gigs.
Press "Save Widget" to save your new website widget.

Generate HTML code

Create the HTML code for your Wix website. First, click on the "edit" link of the "Website widget" and scroll down to the "Code Generator". You can see a preview of your website schedule by pressing the "Preview" button at the bottom. If you're satisfied with the result, press the "Get code" button to open the Code dialogue. Select and copy the code from the Code Generator.

Implementing the code your Wix Website builder

  • Open the website builder en select the target page from the top left.
  • Then click Add: Section to the page, select HTML Embed and choose the desired layout.
  • Edit the HTML setting and paste the code from the Code Generator into "Paste your code" textarea.
  • Close the dialog and preview your site.
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