Managing gigs and appointments

This article is intended to inform artists and managers about how to create gigs and appointments for an artist (schedule).

Gigs and appointments

Artwin Live is designed to manage gigs, a live performance by an artist on a certain location at a specific moment. But also the artist related appointments, like a radio interview for instance. Within the application you find buttons to create a gig (option or confirmed) and an appointment. In the remainder of this article, we explain how to create a gig, the steps to create an appointment are almost the same.
Regular calendar applications, like the one on your mobile phone or online apps like Google Calendar, make use of 2 status types for appointments: Confirmed and Option. These applications are designed to manage any appointment, but makes no distinction between a gig and an appointment. In Artwin Live we use those two types to identify the status of a gig and added a third type Appointment to identify those.
Note: In this article, as we say "gig", we mean any of these statuses (confirmed and options).

Create a new gig

On the Dashboard in the top left corner you can see a button named Gig, and a button named Appointment.

Event name

Enter the name of the event (or a descriptive title for an appointment). 

Date and time

The start date and time of the event. 
Important Note: The date field can be confusing in case of if an event starts after 12:00 AM (00:00 on 24h clock). It's generally accepted that if we say Saturday 1:00 AM, we actually mean Sunday 1:00 AM. You need to enter the real date in Artwin Live! In this case Sunday 1:00 AM.
In the Calendar setting in your Account settings, you can set before what time at night a gig will be shown as if at the previous day. Go to Account settings (login required)


The approximate duration. You must select an interval from the list. Choose "1d" (one day) for an All day event.
Tip: You may use the "1d" value if you do not know the actual performance time yet. In your calendar list, this gig will state "All day" instead of actual start and end time.



Select the status of this gig. Please read the first chapter of this article about the gig status definitions.
If you select Option, you may also set if this gig is a private party. This means that the event is not publicly accessible (you cannot buy tickets for this event). Private parties will not be published on any website.
If you select Confirmed, the Private party field is a date picker field. Enter the date as from when the event will be made public or click "Private party" to never make it public.

Private / Public party + publication date

For options and confirmed gigs, you can set if the gig is during a private party. If you set the party to Public, then you can set the date as from when the event may be announced on Facebook, Twitter and your website via the widgets and announcement button.
Important Note: By default when you create a public gig, the publication date is set to one day after today (the day you created the gig), 12:00 PM GMT. That means that if today is March 12 and the publication date is set to March 13, it will be published at March 13, 12:00 PM GMT (not 12:00 PM the time zone you're in).

Option until

When a gig is still an Option, you can set the expiry date of the option. If you're using Professional or Agency Plan, you can monitor expired options in the Bookings section.

Artist selection

If you can manage gigs of more than one artist then you can select the artist this gig belongs to.
Important Note: If you've been invited as a group member by another user, note that you cannot add any gigs unless you create a schedule (artist) of your own. But be aware that other users cannot view that schedule unless you invite them.


You can search for venues worldwide by typing the name and city of the venue and then select the venue from the drop-down list. If you cannot find the venue in the database, then click on the "Edit" button and enter the venue manually.


Enter the details of the organizing party. Unlike Venue the Promoter search feature does not lookup businesses in an online database. If you've created gigs for an artist before then you can search for that promoter again by typing the name in this field.


This is a private description. This data will not be published.


When you're done click Save. They will appear on your screen. You can now add more details to the gig like ticket sale point, website and more. Please read the next section of this article.

Edit gigs

An existing gig contains at least 6 sections. General (The date, status, etc.), Venue, Promoter, Financial, Event and Itinerary. You can edit any section of an existing gig by clicking the Pencil-icon.

Event details

Event details are only required if the gig is not for a private party. 

Itinerary and comments (and upload files)

You can create an itinerary (or comment) and upload files with each itinerary object.
Note: Please note that all data is visible to all team members (other Artwin Live users that are invited to view this artist schedule). "Personal comment" is an exception. This comment is only visible to you and you cannot view personal comments owned by other team members.

Change the status

There is probably one situation when the status of a gig changes. That is in case a booking is confirmed, it will change from Option to Confirmed. Then pay close attention to the Publish date field if the gig isn't at a private party.

Deleting gigs

To delete a gig. Open the gig edit screen, scroll down and press Delete.
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