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This article will guide you trough your user account settings. If you do not have an account please read this article.
Login to your account on Click on your name or the cog icon on the top right of the page. Click on "Account settings" in the popup menu.
E-mail address
The e-mail address is your user name. Be sure you have access to the mailbox of the e-mail address provided in your account settings. If you change the e-mail address of your account you will need to confirm this by clicking a link sent to that e-mail address.
Language (beta)
Artwin Live is currently fully available in English and partly in Dutch. German and Spanish are not supported during beta period.
Time offset
When you create a gig in Artwin Live you will need to enter the actual date and time of that gig. It's common for artists to say that he/she has a gig on Saturday night at 3:00AM, while this is actually Sunday 3:00AM. By default this setting is set 6:00AM (06:00 in the morning). This will imply that all gigs between 12:00AM and 6:00AM in the Artwin Live application will be presented as the day before.
Altering this setting may also affect the behaviour of your widgets.
You may change your password. A password must at least be 8 characters long and must contain at least one capital, number or symbol. Please provide your new password in both fields.
Facebook connect
You may connect your Facebook account to your account. By connecting Facebook, you can use the "Login with Facebook" button to login on
Click the Facebook Connect button and accept the privacy questions presented by Facebook. We'll use your personal data we get from Facebook as followed:
  • Your e-mail address on Facebook will become your Artwin Live account user name.
  • We ask permission to edit your pages to add a "Tour Dates" page tab at your request.
  • We ask permission to edit your pages to announce gigs on your pages at your request.

If you're already connected you can disconnect your Facebook account. You need to login to with your e-mail address and password provided in the user settings.

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